WHO WE ARE : We are an international consortium of yeast geneticists and genomicians, who have put together a network of databases concerning various aspects of yeast genomics, on the same set of species' genomes.

WHAT IS THE NETWORK OF iGNL DATABASES : This consists of related DBs :
GRYC: searchable gene pages, genome pages, blast server and Genome Browser.
Phylome DB: complete catalogs of gene phylogenies (phylomes), visualization of phylogenetic trees.
FUNGIpath :exploration of metabolic pathways in fungi, with EC numbers and gene names, using prediction of orthologous protein groups

LIST OF GENOMES, iGNL STANDARD : We choose the publicly available yeast genomes included in the iGNL databases according to the following criteria : a assembly made up of large scaffolds (>100kbs, ideally one scaffold per chromosome) with high coverage, and an annotation of good quality (we may re-annotate some genomes). Yeasts may include species from all clades of the fungal knigdom.

UPDATES : We update annotation of genomes if new annotations are published, or if we discover new genes, exons etc. We include new genomes if they meet our criteria and when we have included them in the various DBs.
Lastest news
  • iGenolevures 1st web site ever is now open :-)